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Consultant & Advisory.

Digital Business consultant & training

Helping out with your digital and customer excellence.

Some of my clients want more than a speech. If you are looking for help with your digital transformation or other digital challenges,  or need a company specific training. Thomas is there for you!

Are you facing problems in your digital transformation, it-outsourcing, social media or any other digital problem that is in the scope of my knowledge, feel free te contact me. I’m happy to discuss your challenges and what i can do for you.

Outsourcing & doing business in India

Your bridge between Europe and India to create successful collaborations.

Advisory Board
Some Indian clients want to brainstorm and discuss on a monthly or weekly base about their companies’ next step. I am happy to join your advisory board. Feel free to contact me.

On sight consultancy
An intercultural collaboration is a delicate art. Many clients face on sight problems in India and do not enjoy going to India as much as i do. I am happy to ‘fix’ your challenges on sight.

Specific coaching
Looking for a specific topic in working together? Some clients have really specific challenges and if that is within the scope of my knowledge i’m happy to help where i can.

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